Aug 12

One day Loren Cunnigham (YWAM) was is Colorado with his family on vacation.  He got word from Bill Bright (Campus Crusade) that he was also in Colorado.  So they made an appointment to have lunch the next day.

That night Loren got a word from God to share with Bill when they were eating.  God told him that there were 7 Spheres of influence, of 7 mind molders, in society.  If you want to influence a nation.  You have to take these 7 mind molders because whoever influences these 7 will influence the culture and whoever takes the culture will take the harvest!

Needless to say Loren was pretty excited to share this work with Bill the next day.

When they sat down to eat lunch, Loren said to Bill “I have a word for you” and to his surprise Bill said “I have a word for you too!”  They both pulled out the paper, or napkin, or whatever it was they wrote the word on.  And guess what?!  They both had the same thing written down!

God told them the same 7 things that influence culture which influence the nations. And since Jesus told us to “Make Disciples of All Nations”  this is the strategy for today to accomplish this command.

The 7 Mind Molders are:

  • Religion
  • Government & Law
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Business
  • Media
  • Family

These 7 Culture molders influence the thoughts & values of any culture anywhere on earth!

For us to truly finish the great commission we need to find which sphere God is calling us to influence, invade that sphere & demonstrate God’s excellence, to release his commands in that sphere and therefore to represent God’s Kingdom there!

Have an opinion on how to do this?  Leave a comment below!

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11 Responses to “7 Mind Molders”

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  2. Steve says:

    I love the idea of these 7 mind molders. This is exactly what we have went away from in recent years in the usa. I love the idea of it.

  3. says:

    I agree Steve. This is of utmost importance to make a difference in the nations like Jesus told us to do.

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  6. Steve,
    This is the message for restoration of the earth. Well said.
    Now is the season to renew our thinking, becoming Kingdom thinkers, with a ‘nation’ focus.
    Mountains of Blessings to you and your work.

    Bronwyn O’Brien
    Speaker, Coach and Author of ‘The 7 Mountains of Influence’

  7. says:

    Yes…this is good stuff.

    But remember, the 7 Mountains/Spheres of Influence, are a strategy. The message is still the good news of the King and his Kingdom.

  8. Doug Mann says:

    Where does Healthcare and medicine fit in your list.
    May not be a ‘mind molder’ but a major influencer

  9. Doug Mann says:

    Where does Healthcare and medicine fit in your list ?
    May not be a \’mind molder\’ but a major influencer

  10. Rod says:

    Where does Healthcare and medicine fit in your list ? Government & Law!

  11. says:

    Technically speaking…healthcare in the Bible happened via the religion mind molder. They would come to the priests with their health problems and the priests would tell them what to do. The sick also constantly came to Jesus to be healed. I think this is one of the reasons we should build hospitals and have doctors ready to minister healing through medicine and supernatural healing.

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